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  1. That definitely makes sense, I see a Doc regularly about my diabetes, and am sheduled for a check-up soon. I also am very aware that I need to see a therapist again, both a mental and physical to work on improving some stuff. Looks like indifference and bad decisions from my youth are finally catching me, now I gotta try to get back in the race. I can see the wisdom in working some of it out before trying to date again, so that is what I will do. Thank you both for the guidance.
  2. So I have ED related to my Diabetes, but have been alone and avoiding dating for about 7 or 8 years. The lack of a partner and intimacy of any sort has probably driven a good bit of a building depression I am in as well. I want to try to start looking again, but with ED I may not be able to live up to a normal dating relationship....at least that is the constant worry in my mind. Does anybody have any advice for how I might be up front about this without scaring off anybody, and especially avoiding pity....I would rather they run away than show pity honestly. Or is the whole idea a lost cause
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