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  1. We live in a pretty small town where everything is in walking distance if you have the time. I bought myself a bike yesterday. It's only a mile to one job and 5 blocks to the other. I just got in a big fight with him today because I told him I was tired of him disrespecting me and my things. He literally piled a bunch of garbage in the back seat of the car and I told him it was gross and really upset me. I gave him the keys to the car and told him nicely that I did not want to drive it anymore since he's using it as his dumpster. He misplaced the keys and got mad at me and accused me of throw
  2. Yes to all asking if I am on medication. I feel so much better and level headed while I'm on it. It scares me a little because I dislike him more while on my meds. I do my best to go to my therapy appointments but sometimes I accidentally sleep in past my appointment time. My therapist is pretty cool but I really have to prompt him for feed back. I won't lie, there were mutual feelings with a guy at work but I'm not looking to complicate my life or chase after more men. To hell with that. Lol. And I met him after my first marriage went to hell and my first child was 1 year old. He was way wors
  3. He has a job. I respect what he's capable of, as he's very good at fixing things. I don't know if I have much respect left for him after him leaving me out to dry so many times. I have borderline personality disorder so I'm trying to get my moods in check and I also have depression so it's hard for me to step back and discern if I'm the problem or if he's the problem. He always wins the arguments when I try to get him to change his behavior by bringing up the things I've done to hurt him. Makes it hard to feel any validation for wanting things to change.
  4. Not really. He leaves his pop cans all over the house, he only helps with laundry or dishes if I pester him enough. He prefers ordering out to cooking and I'm constantly having to get after him for smoking in the house, as my oldest child is asthmatic. I work 2 jobs right now to pay my debt down and he will take the kids out to lunch while I'm sleeping and I'll go hungry multiple days in a row because I'm so tired I often can't get up until shortly before work and I'm too busy to eat. Hurts me a little that he can't take care of me a little too but then I feel selfish for feeling like this. He
  5. So I've been with my husband for 11 years and it has been a really bumpy road. I have found myself feeling trapped and unhappy for awhile now. We have 3 kids together. The first 7 years of our relationship consisted of him making me feel like a nympho because I wanted it all the time and he was cool with once a month at most. It's like he never had a honeymoon phase like I did. Now we've completely swapped places and I'm giving it to him when I can but I have no sex drive anymore. I'm still capable of getting turned on easily.... Just not by him. I find it odd though since I'm physically attra
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