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  1. I know...and he would message girls on his instagram "warning" them that they might get a message from me so these random girls would block me.
  2. He says that he'll tell a girl her hair is pretty and she'll take it the wrong way and avoid him. And then girls spread rumors.
  3. No, I truly love this person. It was happenstance that we crossed paths, and it happened to be in what was probably the worst time of my life (after a rape by someone i barely knew). But to me, I lost my virginity to this current boyfriend, and my virginity meant everything to me. I was holding out for future husband.
  4. Even if the comments are completely harmless? Sometimes its just stupid harmless conversation but it's with the same person i notice, over and over. Even if he doesnt even know the person in real life. I just think even if its harmless talk about how cute a cat is or whatever, it doesnt need to always be said when you feel like it. Especially if it could be giving a girl the wrong idea bc it's the frequent attention he's giving to one girl. Right?
  5. Thats SO interesting that you ask this. Why did you ask this, i'm curious? He actually doesnt. He has severe ADHD and struggles with maintaining a job for more than a few months. When he was younger (and sometimes now) he still struggles with being inappropriately loud or unprofessional sometimes. He's working on it. He often gets fired for forgetting things, being on his phone, or sometimes making other females feel uncomfortable. He often says he doesnt mean to say uncomfortable things, but he is just "very blunt" and jokes a lot.
  6. I know this. I'm 30, almost a doctor, and I can't believe this is what i'm doing. I'm posting to a forum because i'm too humiliated to ask anyone i know for advice. I'm TIRED. I've never felt the need to search social media on ANY of my ex-boyfriends. But this guy is also very extroverted and still in that weird stage where he gets his value from being funny and social perception. It's an awkward life stage for me, i know. I'm dealing with my own mental health issues, so i know i need to reflect on why i'm still in this relationship to begin with.
  7. 100% I AGREE and it's what i've been telling him. But he says, "who cares what other girls think if im not really hitting on them." No, no no. It's humiliating for me. It really is. Especially if these random girls are commenting surprise faces when he does change his status off single. And he says, he has no idea why. Thank you for this post. You may have saved my life honestly.
  8. Thank you. Yes, most of those things are in the past and he's apologized for them all. I'm just continuing to find "small things" like over commenting on one persons stuff, which i know is no big deal i guess? But it makes me uncomfortable. But of course to him, everything is all in good fun because he is extremely extroverted. And of course, his posts remain hidden from me. And he says this is MY fault because i block him easily and overreact over nothing without getting the fully story or his true intentions.
  9. No its a 5 year long distance that started off in person. One year in person and 4 years with me off in college across the U.S. I visit home about 2x a year. But we talk all the time, our families know who we are, i've gone to family functions and vice versa, I feel loved by this person very much. I know it sounds like i barely know him, because that's how this feels when i find these things online. Those things are from the past that he's apologized for. Currently its the constant commenting/liking on the same girls stuff and continuing to keep things private. Thanks for the advic
  10. It's interesting because throughout the entire relationship, he has played victim. He blames our horrible relationship on the fact that i "Just cant trust him and be happy" and that this is "All in my head/im overthinking/too sensitive". HE has often been the one to say you know what, "I get nothing from you in this relationship because all you do is break up with me and jumping to conclusions". **it's long distance FYI** And tells me that once he does put stuff on private, that im the one to blame for stalking him and breaking up with him for stupid things. I'm not his friend on m
  11. These things were many years ago though. But now i am just paranoid over social media. He is good to me, expresses that he wants a family with me, etc. Yes he is def frustrated that i dont trust him. I just dont see why keeping everything private is still a priority. If i tell him im insecure because of his past he then points the finger back and reminds me of when i messaged a high school guy friend to have drinks and actually having lunch with another guy friend without telling him. These are mistakes i made YEARS ago because i didnt know how to deal with this internet stuff, and i hav
  12. Thankfully, i havent found anything like this in the 2-3 years and he seems to have really change but idk if its because i look a lot less. And because he limits his posts to the public. Recently, he has been liking/commenting extra hard on this girls fb. He also doesnt really know her but goes out of his way to always comment/like her funny or cute ***. And its like ALL her posts! Idk, am i overthinkiing?
  13. Hi, I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 years. In the early years, I had issues trusting him because i found several things on social media that bothered me. These are SO petty, i know, but i just want to show you things i've found over the years, so that you dont think im crazy. or AM I crazy?? 1) First NYE we had, on his twitter a girl posted "like this if i can kiss you on new years" and ---he did. He said it was a joke. 2) Friend of his on his FB mentioned "I have a hot neighbor now and blah blah wow hes cute". Then he commented "deng i didnt know you lived next door?"---al
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