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  1. I wrote on several occasions that he was haha.
  2. Hold on I was friends with the guy I screwed first and foremost, that’s what was the most important. I do not keep in contact with him for sex, you are really letting down the universal stereotype that women don’t listen here like come on, you’re misrepresenting our gender here. He is a close friend who I hooked up with the past and we did both move on, I am friends with him for many reasons.
  3. I’m 28, it went down a week ago. I’m a very secure person, a confident person his past lovers don’t unsettle me- they are to be expected, he chose to be with me and because of that I don’t see why I should fret over people in the past? I’m a busy person, it’s a waste of my time and energy. I never really have worried about people past lovers, and if I have I’ve left because I shouldn’t feel that way, and if I do it’s because the person I was with hasn’t done a lot to stop it
  4. He went that far back, and he never asked no- it was more when I was driving or something and wanted to change the song etc
  5. I don’t see how it is toxic to trust someone, it may have been a mistake but it was not toxic, more naive, of which I wholeheartedly admit too. It wasn’t a topic of significance or interest to me until it became one, if anyone’s actions were toxic it was his.
  6. Because he was my friend first and I continue to value that friendship. The friendship no longer exceeds its boundaries as a friendship and therefore poses no threat to my current situation or life for that matter in any way. We were both mature enough to move on, and I would consider his new girlfriend a friend of my own now too. Your responses speak volumes of your maturity by the way.
  7. That not a bit toxic no? Money in turn for a persons mistakes? Surely that’s just profitable tolerance.
  8. He wasn’t an ex, it’s was a friends with benefits type situation- there’s no feelings or anything and there never was and that’s very obvious, we are barely in contact now as it is
  9. He blames it all on it being his first time in a relationship, like if I stay and change my password it’s surely going to happen again? Or something similar?
  10. I honestly just didn’t even think it would be an issue like I was that confident in him, now I see how naive that was.
  11. My mistake then, I just felt it wasn’t something that was overly important. Due to the fact I had nothing to hide.
  12. Because I’ve never met anyone who appears so trustworthy in all my life. Like the relationship was so healthy up until that happened like I was so shook.
  13. It is yea, but he knew my passwords and I was comfortable with that. He completely abused my trust. It’s just so hard because he couldn’t get on any better with my friends, they are all going to miss him like he was someone they looked forward to seeing, I feel like I’m hurting more people than just the one.
  14. I feel like he’s an adult he should still know the concept of right and wrong, like he knew what he did was wrong. Feel like I’m just scared, especially with Covid because it’s so lonely now especially.
  15. It’s his first relationship too though, like does that make a difference? Could it just be down to inexperience?
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