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  1. Let's get some things straight: 1. @Wiseman2 I DO NOT have a problem with drugs or alcohol, nor have I ever. Not that you need to worry about my living situation, but it's MY apartment, so I would be fine. I don't think it's fair of you to come onto a post and preach judgement and telling me I need professional help. 2. @SooSad33I have known him for a lot longer than just the year that we've been together, but we didn't hang out with each other and weren't as close then as we are now and when we started our relationship. 3. I'm not dumb, I know the things he's done are ignora
  2. We have a TON in common, he's the most patient and understanding person I've been with when it comes to my mental health struggles, and we generally make each other better, but there are things that he just doesn't seem to grow from. The cocaine should have done it, but it know it was extremely hard for him to even tell me that because I previously dated someone who was addicted to oxy, and that relationship ended swiftly. I was 19 at the time and not in a good mental place myself, so I knew there was no way I could help someone through an addiction when I could barely help myself. Now, th
  3. I'm going to preface this all with: There are great things about my relationship, so take this with a grain of salt. These are just the red flags, and they don't inherently define the quality of my relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for just over a year, and I think I've been ignoring EVERY SINGLE red flag. Maybe I'm just far too empathetic, calm, open-minded or whatever it may be, but I don't know how to fix the things that have become OK in our relationship. He's definitely a hothead, which I didn't see as an issue until the extent of it was shown on a night out wi
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