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  1. Wow!! Thank you, yes that's the way my therapist told me to don't. I need to make a plan. Make sure all my son’s services are aligned. I didn't think about the passwords. And mail. This is great! Thank you I will be hustling this week and organizing everything. I stared to look at places so I can move. Thank you so much!!!
  2. No, my child has case coordination and social workers in my district, if I moved to my mom that's another jurisdiction and I will have to do everything again to find get his Terapy. He really can't be without Terapy more that 2 days. After 2 days his behavior starts changing and I he gets way delay. That's why so difficult to me leaving. Either I sacrifice myself so my son get the help he needs or sacrifice my son. Maybe I can file for domestic violence protective services. Or emergency services. I don't know.... I will call the lawyer on Monday
  3. I can go to my mom. I just need to be happy and not worry about anything for my son and myself. But I pay the rent, utilities, etc. What should I do just let him stay there? I'm going to call my lawyer on Monday and figure out my plan. Since he goes to work Tuesday and Wed. It's the best opportunity for me to leave. I'm so tired of been bullied. I just need to be strong and do it for my son.
  4. I know, I’m still on this relationship just for my son. Because of his gaming addition we really don't even sleep together. Usually when wake up for work that is when he goes to bed. HR already contact him from his work because he has been lacking and not doing his job. My only concern is my son in home teraphy that it's everyday 6hr each. The problem is that my mom live 1 hour away and it's impossible for therapist to go to my moms. I wish he can leave for the sake of his son. When the baby was newborn, I told him I was leaving him and I started to pack my stuff and babies a
  5. Hi, I need help! Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 years now. We wanted to have a baby so after trying for a year I was finally pregnant. My pregnancy was really difficult and at the moment of having the baby. It took me 36 hours to have a natural delivery but end up C-section. After that all changed. He is starting to get controlling. While at the hospital, he didn't let me hold the baby or do anything with the baby. I needed to ask him so many times but It was frustrating. He even forgot about me, forgot that I had a mayor surgery. I didn't even get help with bathing or
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