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  1. My wife has a great bond with him, I just think jr comes second to her phone. For example, she’ll sit on her phone on Instagram at night until way past midnight because she says she can’t sleep. Then when jr is awake, I have to take him downstairs so she can sleep until the late morning after which she sat in her pjs all day. For that period I bathe him, feed him and entertain him with walks. I don’t want a father of the year award, I just want to understand if this is normal. She was at home with for the first 12 months when she gave up work. My mother in law did help for the first three months after he was born - I was commuting three hours to work at the time until I found a new job to be at home more with them both.
  2. We do things but involves spending money - we have a large wooded area near us where jr and I take regular daily walks, exploring etc but she has no interest at all
  3. Since the pandemic I am working from home. When my son spends most of his time in my office even during conference calls because my wife is on Instagram or fallen asleep on the sofa because she’s been on the phone all night looking at others people’s lives I should have also made it clear that I cover all the bills and expenses, I also clean the house mainly the three restrooms and kitchen; I have an ocd I may add.
  4. No she works 3 days a week. Hence why our son is in kindergarten. Not sure about the affairs..
  5. Hello im new to the site but have been lurking and following for quite some time. my wife and I have been married for 6 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs (who hasn’t). Anyway, we have a 2.5 year old son. I take him soccer, swimming, bathe him and read to him without fail daily. he’s at kindergarten 3 days a week. My wife, however, doesn’t seem to do much with him. It’s like I almost have to prompt her each time to read to him, take him In the garden or go for walks etc. When I asked, Her comeback is “I cook meals for him, which is a difficult job?” I just don’t think that’s enough, I don’t say I pay the mortgage and put a roof over his head or cover the kindergarten fees/household bills etc. I just find it bizarre that a mother would rather sit on Instagram than interact with her child. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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