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  1. Super messed up. Get his number, name and see if he has a second fb profile with a wife, girlfriend or anything. Contact the wife if he does fr. Does he even know your wife is married? Some people don’t even care. I mean if he’s commenting on her posts that’s one thing he could just be weird and she’s friendly saying thank you. She should never be replying with hearts though ***. And she shouldn’t be having these dms with hearts.
  2. Since you are only in your late twenties yes it’s most likely you want out. I would have sex with him though and start working on yourself saving money in secret and working on your plan to leave.
  3. This is a joke post right? It goes on forever. He played you so many times now like cmon. Leave. Stop. You will never ever know if he’s banging his wife or ex wife ever. It’s pointless. And if I were here I would be spiteful and purposefully bang him forever if he ends up being with you. FR.. that’s how woman can be and act. In your post you keep wondering about trivial things on if she kicked him out or if he left. Sh prob kicked him out many times but can’t get rid of him. He’s a narcissist an extreme one. He’s literally a womans worst nightmare not some ideal dreamboat catch of a guy here. He totally insults her lying saying she trapped him meanwhile he had another baby and married her. This is a common lie d bag men tell to women to try and get the V card. She’s unfortunately trapped by a long custody battle with him preventing her to move on. Probably shared mortgage they can’t get out of and maybe car payment loan to. It’s not as simple as you think. But you also are married so you should know all this. That divorce will be long and expensive mine cost $4000 and we didn’t do it til years later. Get ready to wait years. Literally years. And you re waiting for what? A guy that’s a total cheater that will 100% cheat on you down the road? Because he will. You seem to believe all the lies he’s saying for some reason I’m not sure why. Since you are about to get divorced this should be a great time for you to get out there and date around. My best years were right after leaving my ex husband. And worst were meeting and dating the next man I’m dead serious. It’s not even worth the hassle and anxiety most of the time. You can bet your azz this guy isn’t sitting online typing up an essay pondering about you. Why? Because he’s scum that’s why. He’s most likely laughing to his friends about getting P from you. If you want to know what’s really going on I would be doing some next level spy bs. Planting tracking devices getting a private investigator planting a secret listening device in his car or house. But you will just go to jail. And you are just going to prove what you already know. You already know exactly what’s going on. You don’t need to walk in on him banging his ex to know he’s banging his ex here. And he’s most likely seeing other people as well and going on tinder dates. This guys a liar. Move on immediately. I read your whole post and couldn’t believe it kept going and that you still were questioning his intentions. Some people out there are just bad. I mean they cheat on the person they married for like no reason at all. For fun.
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