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  1. I think deep down inside I know it’s time to go. I’m just having s hard time doing because he keeps telling me he wants to work on us, which is weird because if you’re really not there then why even bother? I guess I gotta have the balls im this situation.
  2. The only reason I haven’t broken up with him is because I know he’s s good man. But at this stage we shouldn’t be having these issues 😪 I’m loss for words
  3. So my boyfriend and I have been together a copy of months. In the beginning everything was fine good chemistry , good sex but in February I had a surgery and couldn’t have sex for like 4 weeks. After that he kept putting me off and I thought he must be sleeping with someone else. So yesterday we sat down and had a long talk and he told me the reason he’s been weitd is because I look like his sister and when he thinks of that he has a hard time getting it up. We’re trying to work things out but he tells me the spark just isn’t there don’t know why,.. he thinks it’s the sister thing..he even sug
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