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  1. But I think she doesn't feel very comfortable sending me face pics the last couple days, so she use to send me snaps in which she didn't appear at, probably because she likes me but she is a bit shy of how I would react if she send me a picture of her when she doesn't feel too good with herself or something, idk. I'll ask her for a date this weekend or FaceTime or something, but in the meantime, I would like to somehow make her feel more confident of herself and start sending me more pics of her and not that many of what she is doing. Should I tell her somehow that she is pretty or tell her th
  2. Yeah, she is a real person, she sent me face snaps at first to let me know that she was a person, and I have a friend who actually know her because she goes to her school, so she is real.
  3. I met a girl trought snapchat, and everything was super good, at first she started sending me full face pictures, always with the same facial expression, but at least were full face snaps, and we were also talking really good and everything was good, that happened like a week ago. We both liked eachother and even more, she invited me to go to her prom in a different high school, so she liked me. We have been taking about a lot of things but in the last couple days she just started to don't showing me her face on snaps or send me like mirror face snaps where she only showed one eye or some
  4. A girl left me in pending for like 3 or 4 days showing me that that person left me in pending for that time, so I was kinda going over it, but today I opened snapchat and it shows that I've been in pending for only like 23 hours. I just wanted to know if this could be a glitch or she actually added me back to Snapchat and unadded me for trying to call my attention or something like that. What do you guys think??
  5. Yeah, the first two-three weeks we were talking like hundreds of snaps a day, after that just like 20 a day, and later just like a couple and then she started to leave me in open, so she left me in open for 1 day and for some reason she snap me back after that and we talked again but she left me in open again after not too long and then she snapped me back again but we just stopped talking right after that because the last week I could felt that she wasn't really trying at all, and she was kinda mean, but for some reason I felt like she didn't wanted to stop talking me until we finally stopped
  6. This is what happen, I am 18 years old and I'm in my senior year in high school and I have been talking with a girl from other citie for almoat a month through Snapchat really good, and talking a lot with her about a lot of things but it was hard to have a date with her and finally our conversation rhythm started to decrease because I felt we talk about a lot of things for a long time and we finally started to don't have more conversations and it just become boring so we tried but we stop talking, and my plan is going one day to her house and talk to her in person, it will be the first time I
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