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  1. Advice and feedback would be really helpful if you believe it can be improved. For the purpose of this site, however, I hope it’s inspirational and encouraging. I wrote it in response to my first break-up, hope the message helps you all in whatever stage of “loss & love” you may be in ; ) The Rain Will End - O.F. Hanson (Copyright Majestic Records Inc.) The rain that fell on little rose petals Gave it growth in the eye of the storm, That youthful flower that refused to settle Will blossom to beauty as though reborn. But for now my heart lacks its mettle ‘Cause I
  2. Is the a publishable song? All advice, critique, and comments are welcome!! Dear Future Lover - (O.F. Hanson) (Copyright. Majestic Records Inc.) I have cherished a dream A dream that someday you’d be mine. If love’s what it seems Then I hope to capture it in time. Somewhere out there Is the perfect one And to show that I care I wrote you this song. (Mm-mm, mm-mm) Under a blanket of stars I pray for your heart Wanting to be where you are Hoping you’re not too far It’s not easy living curiously Wishing it can be reality I’ve b
  3. From the perspective of a son currently raised by a single mother, I can assure you that it’s definitely a possibility. In fact my mother has nearly the same personal attributes as you do—masters degree, about same pay (won’t specify here), young-looking for her age, three children. Though she lost her husband (deceased) at about the age of 37. But even a couple years after, she had a relationship with a divorced man she knew (though she never continued for reasons having to do with the concerns of her children). But essentially, it is certainly possible. The likelihood may not be
  4. I’ll certainly remember her forever... though should I really remove her from my social media? I mean even though we haven’t talked in so long I seldom “keep tabs” on their relationship status—almost out of mere curiosity. I don’t know entirely why I do it (I wish I knew) but I guess I sometimes worry if she’ll ever think of me the same as feel for now Thank-you though!
  5. Perhaps I’ll never fully “get over the feeling” but I guess I can “get over them” in some amount of time. Thank-you both!!
  6. Yeah, I feel as though this will be my final disposition at the end of things; I just have to get there. Thanks for the insight and great analogy!!
  7. Hello, I guess I’m still young at age 18 but I was just curious about whether the feelings and emotions of the “first love”, the “first break-up”, those initial feelings of ecstasy ever cease to exist. And, if not, how to cope with the nostalgia of letting them go out of emotional sight. For me, I had a my first girlfriend awhile ago (Sept. 2019 - Dec. 2019), yet I still miss pieces of her as I never wanted to let her go. She ended things as she claimed “I [was] too much” and “she wasn’t really ready for love.” At a few points I told her “love you” but all it really seemed to do was push
  8. Thank-you for this. I suppose your right, I’ll publish later if I can.
  9. To all: I apologize for leaving out a vital piece of the context here, but my current gf thought it be “sweet” if I did and she understands. I don’t so much have feelings for my ex but a piece of me still “feels” for her in some aspect—almost in an appreciative gesture.
  10. Hey! I am an 18 yrs-old male who has been through one break-up before about a year ago (the first one is tough) and I never wanted to leave her, but she decided to end things. We are both in high school and she is 16 yrs. However, it’s been some time and I had recently gotten a new gf. The concerning thing to me is that I think it hurts her a bit because she posts on social media implying her feelings of being alone. I certainly don’t want this for her as a still care about her feelings but I wanted some advice—some insight—on whether I should send this song I wrote dedicated to her. Since we
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