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  1. Yes, I read both articles in their entirety. The first was about the benefits of putting your kids to sleep by 7 pm. I felt it had very skewed and manipulated statistics and I feel 7 pm is too early and impossible with my life’s schedule. It had no helpful tips and was only a parent justifying why they put their kids to bed by 7 pm every day without fail and why it’s better than 9 pm. The second article had tips for getting your child out of bed, but nothing I didn’t know. It felt condescending in that sending it to me assumes I don’t know this basic information. There was nothing I
  2. Do you have children? I’m not saying I completely ignore all advice from non-parents, but I do think people who haven’t had kids yet don’t understand what it’s like even if they have worked in childcare. (I worked in childcare for 10 years and knew many women who felt like they understood parenting without being a parent, until they had kids and it was a huge eye opener for them!) Yes, it’s possible he was just trying to be helpful in a way I found insulting. I’m not looking to end a relationship over this, I just feel bothered by it and he’s so quickly dismissed it. I want to tell him to
  3. My ex husband and I are amicable (although we do fight occasionally) but we have opposite parenting styles. He is like a big kid when they are with him. They don’t brush their teeth, there’s no bedtime, no routine, no rules. That’s what bothered me about the articles. It felt passive aggressive and condescending. And it still bothers me. I know a lot of people said to dump him, but I’m actually not considering that at the moment. I think that’s an easy thing to say with online forums when a problem is presented. I stated my problem but you can’t see the whole relationship. We love each o
  4. He actually likes kids and wants kids of his own someday, he just never met the right person. He’s even told me how he views step family as real family, his step mother is closer to him than his biological mother, and his step siblings are as much his siblings as his biological siblings. And if he were to have step children, he would raise them as his own. (Perhaps that’s what he’s trying to do now, but I feel it’s too soon.) Children themselves don’t grate on his nerves, but in the puddle scenario I was bothered by it enough to invite him over less. I see my child with his
  5. My boyfriend and I are both mid-30s and have been dating for a year. I have two kids and an ex-husband and he has never had kids or been married. He met my kids 6 months into dating and for the next 6 months only hung out with them 3 times. I didn’t invite him over very often because when I did, I would be playing with the toddler and instead of playing with us, he would sit on the couch looking bored. Once he got impatient with the toddler because he was jumping in the same puddle too long (literally 5 minutes) and he just left and went home in the middle of a walk. He’s a
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