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  1. Thank you! I am glad and thankfull I got out pretty well considering the accident! Yes she said she fell out of love with me during her two months abroad. I don't know if she wants to be friends, I told her no to that during our breakup. Moving on and blocking her might be the best idea, almost everyone gives that advice it seems. I was genuinly curious about her intentions but being real about it it is likely not good.
  2. True, that mistake I made in our relationship indeed. But I haven't (yet) replied to her or returned phone calls so well she can see I think about her different now. I think it is likely someone else dumped her now or ghosted her yes. No I won't let her hurt me anymore but I am curious about what she wants, but likely nothing good, I might just only ask her explicitely what she wants to accomplish with that meeting before I would waste my time coming there (I wouldn't go after thinking about it and your advice). But I am curious what her answer will be. Also I still can't walk very w
  3. I think that would happen if I met, she is fairly young, so am I but I was her first ever boyfriend and during the honeymoon period she was all over me, but yeah after that it was like I was tossed aside like a used toy. I do not think her next partner would be better of logical thing would be that another poor man got the same threatment now. Yeah I might send her the text saying I don't want to meet and it is best she never contact me again then, but I don't know if I would go as far as blocking. Don't you think deleting their number is good enough? If she does not respect my request at
  4. You are right I will maybe consider replying but in the sense of letting her down since maybe that is for the best. I will not contact her friend that is a bad idea thinking about it.
  5. Thanks for your answer, we do not have any mutual friends. I think the chance is big that it is for her own agenda. But I almost forgot about her so I guessed she would've too about me. Well I could still reply but I will not tell her about my accident since only my townspeople and close family and friends know about it, who did a great job helping me get through it, they still do. So since she decided to leave my life she doesn't deserve this knowledge, I think. We have no mutual friends so I don't think she knows and it is a coincidince that she messaged me. I thought abo
  6. Hey friends, So April has literally been a life changing month for me. I made another post about a month ago which prelutes this post. It is about my ex dumper who I was processing getting over when I made that post. So she contacted me last week, after almost 3 months after our breakup. But I don't know how to react since I had a big event happening to me last month. About 3 weeks ago, I accidentally crashed my car against a tree. I hit the tree front face with almost 80 km/h. That is almost 50 mph for Americans. I am very lucky and thankfull to have survived that crash. I
  7. Many people are called something they are not, my hispanic ex was told many times that people thought she is a Turkish girl because there are simply very little hispanics here. She just kind of looks like one. It is no big deal. I think him calling you that is just him being upset but again if he calls you a *** it means he is angry yes. If he calls you a white *** it is likely because you are pale like you stated. Doesn't have much to do with race do not look too much into that.
  8. By the way, read your previous topic and if the guy already had girlfriend I would not talk to him anyway. Remember that if he does it to her he would do the same to you.
  9. Hiya, This is a strange situation. Race and stuff can be a sensitive topic. I recently got out of a relationship with a hispanic girl from latin america but she lived in my country believe it or not for study. I am a white european by the way. She used to talk about race a lot too. She looked kind of white but not like the people of europe. She told me that it was good to be more white in her country and she was happy she was but when I told her she didn't look like a native european she became really upset for some reason. I don't know what it is with hispanics and race but yeah you
  10. Hiya friend, I think she is just playing games with you, better to let go of this one, you deserve so much better.
  11. I know, it might have been more of infatuation. But it is so sour that she was acting like she was so in love and two months of long distance ruined that. But also she told me she thought relationships would only be rose colored and positive things and of course that is not the case. I believe hardships make a relationship stronger. She also is young and watched tons of romantic movies and series so maybe that ruined her perception as well. I will never know. But I think you are right overall. Best to just leave her alone and try to forget her. Yes I love travelling but that is a little h
  12. Yes that is true, they always say what they feel in that exact moment, hence why I am pretty curious about how she is feeling right now. But nevermind I will probably never know. I just need some time and I go on walks almost everyday as a means of venting. It helps.
  13. Thanks for your response! Yes in my country we learn English in high school and because I travel a lot it is important to be fluent. At first I thought something was wrong with me since I didn't feel like that in my previous breakup. That is what I thought too, that the long distance and her going back is what killed the relationship. Sometimes there are hardships in a relation but she even told me she thought it would only be sunshine and roses and stuff. She had pink glasses on. It didn't help it was her first relationship.
  14. True words, I think it is the best but I still feel so ***. Yes revenge is bad and I thought about it but I never actually did it. She doesn't know anything about how I am doing or about how I feel because I do no contact. Until now I did well with that but it keeps being hard. I wonder if she is thinking about me and if she ever will message me.
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