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  1. ! So, I had been dating a really nice, sweet guy for a month and a half. We was perfect and everything I had been looking for in a man. About a month into our relationship, it started to fall apart. He got very drunk one night. We had gone out together and both of us drank too much. But he drank way more than he should of. He shoved me several times. I forgave him because I knew that that person was not him. We worked things out. But at the same time, he was hit with a major family crisis and that has pretty much done him in. He distanced himself from me so he could deal with the family issue.
  2. I am in a very interesting part of a relationship with a new guy I have started dating. I am not sure what to do. I met this guy around the middle of February. We have been dating, but moved very fast. Everything came to a halt about 2 weeks ago when he was faced with a family crisis. We also had a big fight that same evening. But we were able to work things out. He is really struggling with the family issue and has asked me to be patient with him. I have been and will continue to be, but how long is being “patient” appropriate? We do really care for each other an
  3. So, in mid- February I met this really sweet, nice guy and we started dating, but moved really fast. Everything seemed to be going fine up until last Wednesday 3/17. We went out for a nice St. Paddy’s day and ended up drinking way too much. He drank so much that he shoved me. The rest of the night was so horrible. But the next day we talked about it, and worked things out. However, at the same time on 3/17, a major family crisis hit his family and he hasn’t been the same since. We broke up a couple of times, but worked things out. But he has been so extremely upset over this family c
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