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  1. It is really hard for me to go outside now. I have a lot of things to do for school (exams are coming) and i just don't have the energy anymore. I am trying my best to move on but it is really hard.
  2. Because I still have feelings for her. I know it sounds stupid but I just can't seem to hate her after all of this.
  3. Both 21 years old Short story. Girlfriend cheated once, I forgave her we tried and didn't work out because she didn't want a relationship anymore and told me we should take a break and come back later, she basically gave me hope. But she lied to me multiple times when I asked do you still want to be in the relationship and she always said yes. But now i caught her again lying that she wasn't talking to someone I said are you talking to someone and lied to my face. I said why are do you keep lying to me and her reply was because I didn't want you to hurt (cry) but It just hurt more b
  4. We are still talking, I know it sounds stupid and not logic but i still love her. This won't make any difference tho but she didn't meet him. I know that she doesn't deserve me because cheating is the worse thing you could do but I don't know i just can't stop my feelings for her. We are still broken up but i agreed to that we should take time apart and try in the future if the feelings are still there. I sometimes have the urge to text her and i did too, unnecessary convos, i hate myself for still caring so much and showing it too by texting her. Recently I asked why she needed time apart bec
  5. By flirting text i mean they wanted to hang out in his house and flirty text she sends "im really touchy" " don't worry i will make you comfortabel"
  6. I asked her why she is saying 2 different things and she says she doesn't want the relationship that didn't went well. What should I do now? like i really don't know what to say back
  7. My gf and me just broke up because it didn't work out (she broke up with me) and she texted again after and said that she loves me and it is also hard for her to leave me and doesn't want to lose me. in the text she also said that we should just take time apart of eachother and when we both are better she wants to get back together, to start from 0 And i don't know what to say i'm confused why she is saying this. she broke up with me because she didn't want it anymore and now she says this
  8. No I don't know anything about depression or how it effect someone. but i will definitelyread about it
  9. Yes she is very open and we do communicate but lately not anymore since she saiys she is tired and doesn't have the energy to talk about it so I don't really bring it up for the past 2 days now
  10. Time for herself i guess but we do text sometimes and do call at night but we do our own thing most of the times. but she was in the past despressed and went to therapy so maybe it has something to do with that i don't know
  11. What should I do to help my girlfriend when she says she is having a hard time emotionally but she says there is no reason why she is sad, she doesn't know the reason and said she needs time and space for her alone but we do text but not very much and call at night but is quiet also keep in mind that she told me that she also was depressed and went to therapy in the past so maybe it has something to do with that she is 20 and i am 21 been together for 6 months.
  12. So in March my girlfriend (20 years) cheated on me (21 years) by flirting with someone else via text. I forgave her for that but not everything feels difficult. i have said 1 week after i forgave her that i feel like she isn't putting in the effort to make it better. but now she is feeling down for 2 days for a reason she doesn't know and yesterday we talked and I said again that i feel like she isn't putting in the work, but she said she isn't in the mood to talk about it. but today she is also feeling down and she tried to break up with me because she feels that she can't give me what I want
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