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  1. I agree, It would be very difficult to look at him with the same grace again. In gods rejection is his protection...I feel your right about im not missing out.....im being protected. Whatever is going on in his life, he has been cruel to be kind.
  2. Very interesting points, he had miss world on his arm who cheating on him and broke him into pieces, but I also agree you gotta find your partner hot. Disqualify sounds about right.
  3. I agree, interesting you picked up on that....and I also think he isnt in a relationship with his ex either. I agree with his reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship, I understand what he had gone through. He gave me the only reason yes...because we never fought, fall out, judged or had any reason to dislike. Perhaps I was pre mature in pushing for a relationship when he wasn't ready and that drove him to push me to push him away. He doesnt do the whole I was wrong speech, but if he reached owt then I would want to hear an explanation, not that he wa
  4. Cheating would be if I was being deceived....but I see your point cheating doesn't need to be just about infidelity. I agree not allowing him back in and if he truly feels regret or any respect for me or what we had....then he Will not come back in. Thank you for your thoughts
  5. Your right, I don't believe he is in a relationship with his ex either. Yes it was unkind to say that, I don't think I believed him as I know the passion we felt when together. However I took his words as truth and walked away with my dignity. He has self sabotaged a unique & pure connection....sad for him. Thank you for your thoughts
  6. I want people views and honest opinions. I was friends with a man for 12 years. He had been in romantic relationships with women and use to call me to talk about his life. Also our friendship wasn't platonic but it wasn't fully friends with benefits as I didn't cross the line, except kiss and some foreplay. In last years we were more in contact as he went through a dark patch in life and I felt a strong concern, care and feelings of love developed. I shared this with him, and he never reciprocated and said he was not ready to be in a relationship again after his heart b
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