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  1. I believe she hasn’t and will never cheat. But she feels she needs to keep contact with everyone as it’s her networks for penitential work leads. She is addicted to social media and the relationship with these guys ends there. She doesn’t feel there is any issue with it and would be okay with me doing it. But I feel there is a deeper level of respect and boundaries that are more important. Can I compromise my stance on the issue if I do trust her not to cheat?
  2. I see my gf has multiple chats with guys I don’t know on her social media. She doesn’t share details and is often secretive with her phone. Always on messenger and gets dings late at night. I have caught her messaging and ex before and deleting chats. She isn’t the type to cheat but can do stupid things when drunk sometimes. should asked who is texting you so late? or if I see she got a message from one of this guys, should I ask what she is talking to them about?!
  3. can a relationship work if we dont have the same belief about boundaries. been living together for 2 years, she has a 2nd job as a bartender, she has been hurt in the past (cheated on). she has many male acquaintances she stays in contact with on fb messenger. some are "new". she is somewhat naive, thinks single guys just want to be friends, doesn't think guys being flirtatious and hitting on her on messenger is a big deal. she is used to making herself seem available and leaves door open for anyone to contact her. she swears she will never cheat (physical or emotion
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