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  1. Yes, I asked if her dog was feeling better and the conversation didn’t go anywhere, I don’t get why she would reach out with no direction in mind other than to keep me on the line
  2. I don’t know, I was starting to move on because I didn’t think I would hear from her again. I need to forget about her
  3. So she reached out yesterday, we texted a little bit then ended up having my message left on read when she had a Skype meeting after work. Im going to mind my business today and tomorrow, not even sure how to go about this anymore. It’s been a week and no date set still, I’m about to move on
  4. So Friday I told her I had fun let’s do it again when our schedules allow. she said definitely I’ll let you know and we can see. then Monday I told hey good morning, wanted to be the first to make you smile today have a great day. she responded well, said she wished she saw my message sooner cause her dog got sick and made a mess. i didn’t respond after that
  5. She can’t give me a date for the next time I see her why would I spend anymore time texting her.
  6. I’m still growing as a human, I learned my lesson about getting attached now. She made me feel so comfortable so quickly I let my guard down........then proceeded to continue to get to know her over text. I will never again text except planning dates from here on out. *** that, it’s dopamine addiction on a cell phone when it should be happening In person creating a real connection not artificial attachment from phone notifications
  7. I’m leaving it be at this point I know we had fun and I treated her like a gentleman. I learned a few things so now I can at least move on, I couldn’t see it before now I do. Nope, I would rather have a girl that isn’t playing the field so hard. I know I’m a good person, if she doesn’t like me then that’s on her I’m over it, she had 4 chances. I have been making years of progress over the last 2 months with my depression. Me delusion was part of some of the growing pains with my brain becoming more normal again. I guess this girl was a good motivator for a month. I have done 30 days consist exercise. Dropped 10 pounds, ran 2 miles in 16 minutes today.(started running again 3 months ago, this last month I ran at least 60 miles)
  8. Well i talked to the therapist about other things too. the thing that’s striking up my anxiety the most is the fact we have seen each other 4 times I don’t know where we stand and I’m waiting around to hear a date from her. Yes things are going good but waiting around is difficult, I know if I want a chance with this woman I need to man up and relax. But in all seriousness I have been in contact with this girl for 5 weeks. Some people are saying stop texting , some are saying do what you are doing. not being sure is frying my nerves a little bit. And I’m sure someone will say walk away at this point, but I don’t want to give up I’m just having a hard time having faith because this is a new situation for me.
  9. Focus on myself for a few days, reach out later in the week to catch up that’s it. I’m getting 2 jobs offers this week too so I’m pumped on that
  10. I have been staying as busy as possible, exercising, spending time with friends, family time, doing my favorite outside sport, etc I also spoke to my therapist today
  11. I’m trying to not be lazy but also not come off as needy or pushy about her giving me a date which she said she would let me know about.
  12. I want to send a cute text to her this morning telling her to have a great day and leave it at that then call her Wednesday. You think that would be a good idea, or just leave it so there’s a little mystery to where I have been or what I’m doing Edit: Well I texted her told her good morning I wanted to be the first to make her smile have a great Monday.
  13. Should I wait a full week+ to call? Or do you think Wednesday(5 days)would be better. I want to let her contact me first but don’t want to let things die down. I have seen some people say text here stay on her mind and others say wait 1+weeks and not text or call at all. I want to see her show some effort so I know she’s interested
  14. It’s really hitting me now how I never let her begin a conversation first over text, I have texted her everyday the last 2 weeks. She was always very receptive when we spoke. I didn’t blow her up or come on too strong. I know when people arnt trying to talk and she always responded with details if that makes sense. The only time she has hit me first is 2 days after first date and me getting her number, she invited me out. I’ll call her in a week and check in on her, I have to pull back for my own health. I know it shouldn’t be hard to get to know someone and that there are other people out there. Even if it’s not mutual, she is the most beautiful person I have ever met inside and out. im still healing from a bad period of depression, I have finally gotten my self care and health figured out. Healing and meeting such a special person has been hard. But I know something could become of it if I live my life free of attachment and am more open to what the universe has to offer. I really feel like there is a good bit of interest, she may not be the type to text first especially since she is busy. I just don’t know if I should give up and wait on her or try and stay an active part of her life even though I text first.
  15. You are right my anxiety plays into it slightly because anxiety makes you look into how things are going to play out and you want to control the outcomes. And the elusiveness is adding, she possesses quite a few qualities I’m looking for in a woman. my mind set is I really enjoy our time together. I’m not going to hope for a future with her, just hope to become better friends and spend time having fun while dating
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