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  1. When did I say I was staying with him lol? I said I wasn’t as mad as I thought I would be and you guys took that and ran with it
  2. Our relationship status has been public on Facebook since we started dating and he has plenty of pictures of us together. If she believes that he’s posting pictures kissing some crazy *** that won’t leave him alone she’s real stupid.
  3. I mean if someone told you their child was yours would you just leave them on read? She lives 16 hours away idk what you want him to do.
  4. We met pretty much right after she told him. As I've said before I was pretty adamant about not wanting to date a man with kids so he never brought it up when we were just casually dating because he wasn't sure if the kid was his or not.
  5. I'm not sure why he hasn't gotten a paternity test yet. I don't think I would break up with him if it is his child. The kid is 16ish hours away from us so visiting him regularly would be hard, but I don't doubt that my boyfriend would support him.
  6. I don't know if she'll try to put him on child support or if he sends her anything. He does want to know if the kid is his and he keeps up with everything that's happening with him. (his teeth growing in, doctors appointments, shots etc.)
  7. So I asked him about it today... He said that he dated her for 5 months and then they broke up. He didn't speak to her after they broke up and even moved to a new state. Months later after the kid was already born and a couple months old she randomly texted him and was like this is your kid. He says he isn't sure if the kid is actually his or not. I know most of you will say I need to breakup with him, but I'm honestly so confused and don't know how to react. I do believe him and I'm not as upset about him possibly having a kid than I thought I would be, but I hate that he didn't tell me.
  8. Women tend to become territorial about the men they have kids and even more territorial about having other women around their children and I'd rather not deal with the drama.
  9. It's possible I guess. They are not the same race though. Before I met my boyfriend he lived in a different state and the only people he knows there (besides her I guess) are his mom's fiance's family.
  10. Off-topic, but I don't think he's necessarily a poor father. I forgot to mention in the post that this women does not live in the same state as us. Before I even knew him he lived somewhere else so she lives half way across the country.
  11. you sure know a lot of about my relationship from a short post🙄. We had this conversation several times before we started dating.
  12. When my boyfriend and I first met I picked up his phone and there was a text from a woman that said " I love our little guy" I didn't think much of it at the time, but I remembered her name. I had asked him before if he had any kids and he always said no. There are no pictures of kids on his social media or anywhere up in his apartment. One night though, I did jokingly ask him again if he had kids and he said 'yeah' but we were both a little drunk and it was super late so I honestly thought he was joking. Last weekend my boyfriend was sitting on my lap and he opened facebook on his phone I noticed this same girl's name as a recent search. I'm not typically a jealous person, but because she had come up once before I decided to be nosey and search for her on facebook. She has very few public pictures, but one in particular stood out to me - a picture of a baby boy. I noticed that he loved the picture which didn't bother me at first because if this woman is/was his friend he's probably met her children at some point. I couldn't stop thinking about this picture though so I went back and this time I scrolled through the likes and noticed that his mom loved the picture as well. This threw me for a loop. If this is just some woman he's friends with why is his mom friends with her? Looking at the picture more intently this baby actually does look quite a bit like him and it makes sense as to why she would send him that text. I have always bee very adamant about not wanting to date a man with kids, but I do love my boyfriend. I honestly don't know how to react or how to bring it up. Any advice on how to handle this is much appreciated.
  13. I'm not super sure how this site works so I don't know if you guys will see this, but here's an update: The Friday after I made this post (March 26th) he drove up and visited me and has come to see me every Friday since. We've spent one full weekend with each other to celebrate my birthday. Things are going super well and we will be living in the same town come August.
  14. about 2 hours. We are planning on meeting within the next couple of weeks, whenever we both have some time. I should also add that the distance isn't a permanent thing and if we do like each other and decide to date we will be much closer before that decision.
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