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  1. No , it's not that , it would make more sense if it was the reason tho. I'm just finding what should of been a fairly straightforward procedure is turning into something more. I'm frightened anyway, and now it's just even worse because of the distance,travel and costs and covid .
  2. Well that's exactly what I thought as well , I never really thought about social services, I always picture them as helping familys with children or the care services. I will have a look as I couldn't find any support for transportation for abortion in this country so I'll try that ,thank you
  3. As I previously stated , I haven't seen it heard from him, and he wasn't the man I wanted to contact to help me anyway , otherwise I would have done so rather than post on here. I never once said my mother has refused to drive me, I said she isn't a confident driver, so I wouldn't ask her, she offered to come by train but I refused as I couldn't leave her or my friends to sit outside a hospital in a strange unknown city and wait god knows how long for me to come out. I'm not stalking his social media, we have mutual friends who tell me, stop jumping to conclusions, just because I've come here
  4. I will have a look into this , thank you very much .
  5. Oh believe me, I'm not expecting him to change his mind nor attitude, I've finally seen him for what he truly is..the good decent man I saw previously was just an act that he couldn't keep up when times got hard ....it is a surgical operation because It was a safer option for me due to being a high risk patient for bleeding . Not all of my friends drive, my mum does, but she's not a confident driver , the only person I can ask is my ex but he's played with my head so much I don't feel it's a good idea , plus he kept letting me down, one min he would take me, then he wouldn't,then he would and
  6. Because that's not what I want , to have a volunteer (some stranger) accompany me to have an abortion, my point is, I'm having to fight to get a termination done in my local area which has 3 top hospitals , if I was to go through with the pregnancy, and went into labour,they wouldn't send me to a hospital well out of my area , it just doesn't make sense.
  7. Possibly , all I know is that I couldn't have my abortion at a abortion hospital, as I have low platelets (blood clotting problem) so need to go to a general hospital, it would mean I'd need to lend £200 just for travel ,as I have to go once for an assessment/pre op then again for the surgery, it's just a nightmare 😭 plus I'm not one for traveling on the tube etc at the best of times, I definitely won't want to be doing it after an operation, it's gutting.
  8. Hi ya everyone , hope everyone is well 🙂 so, I posted recently about having an unsupportive boyfriend after finding out I was pregnant, he stopped answering my calls in the evening and later on become verbally abusive ( calling me old, ugly, wrinkly amongst many other lovely things 🤣) I threw him out and haven't seen or heard from him but it appears he is getting on with his life going by his social media appearing happy and not at all concerned about me or the pregnancy..anyway , I did make the decision to have an abortion as I had to ask myself,would I truly want to raise a baby alone , the
  9. No I didn't realize he was this bad until I found out I was pregnant, then we started rowing and since then he's been an arse. I wasn't on contraception as I had an operation when I was 22 and the doctors said my chances of falling pregnant were very slim , it's silly of me and I know , but yeh , I guess it did take many years to get pregnant but I really believed that I couldn't. Tonight , again, he doesn't answer his phone or messages, and it's nearly half 10pm so god knows what he's up to. It is driving me crazy and I shouldn't let it, but I can't understand how someone could be so cruel, i
  10. Thank you everyone for your honest responses, to be fair, he isn't a horrible person but definitely selfish and really believes that arranging the weekend with his mates is totally acceptable because I previously stated that I didn't want him at home with me. I've decided to go ahead with the termination with 100 per cent certainty , as I would never want to be connected with him in the future should I walk away for good, I've been through that before with my daughter's dad and I couldn't do it again.anyway, I have had a few days break from him , no contact, but last night, I tried to call him
  11. Good evening, I just feel a bit desperate at the moment and felt like I need some outside advice. So, me and my boyfriend of 1 year , found out I was pregnant two weeks ago, I was excited but he was not.he has drummed it into my head to have an abortion and after lots of long hard thought, I decided to go with his decision as we both never planned a baby (please don't judge) plus I'm 35 now with a 16year old daughter and he is 32 with two young children from two different mother's. Anyway, my termination is booked for Friday. Since we have found out I was pregnant, he hadn't really acknowledge
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