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  1. I was away on a girl's trip for the weekend. My boyfriend of 3 years (whom I live with) who has always been very bad at texting/calling back everyone (not just me) was hardly answering my texts the whole weekend. But I had a gut feeling to go through his phone for the first time. He's never cheated on me or done anything for me to feel the need to do so except for this gut feeling this past weekend. I found some not so great texts. All taking place the last few weeks. 1. Friend 1 asked: "Did you ***?" Bf: "hahaha nah I went home" Friend 1: "Was that even the girl you wanted to talk to?" Bf: "lol not really I just ended up going home" 2. Bf: "Is that tall chick gunna be there?? 😍😍" Friend 2: "We could set it up haha" Bf: "Dude totally set it up 😍 Friend 2: "haha okay, yeah I think she liked you" 3. random number: "<her name>" Bf: "Hey you're very beautiful" Bf: "Hey if you want to come over let me know lol" Bf: calls her Bf: " Be over in 20 mins" Her: "Okay sounds good :)" Bf: Here! When I confronted him (mainly about the 3rd covo) he said nothing happened. She had friends over and he went with his friends. The girl was his friends girlfriends friend. He admitted the text is 100% not okay and he was so sorry but really had no intentions. So I asked why tell her she's beautiful and ask her to come over? He said "idk I was drunk and it must be "the chase"" but he would have never had her over or never done anything with her. The last week since I confronted my bf (aka he got caught) he has been super apologetic. Super nice asking me if I need things and cleaning the apartment (he never does that lol). Telling me how much he loves me and how great I am... I believe him that nothing happened and he didn't cheat on me... but that still doesn't excuse the texts. I don't want to be too soft but i also don't want to be too stubborn. What do you think? Am I a fool for staying and giving him another chance?
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