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  1. Just replying to answer some questions/give more info. i only learned of what happened to him a few months back and I still don’t know all the details but the main note to take from it being it involved an older man. Never questioned his sexuality before. Me being dominant has always been asked of during sex, pegging etc which I had to get on board with as I wasn’t at the start. He says he watched gay porn and csnt even look at the men’s faces and when they kiss it makes him cringe etc. Rocky relationship- we broke up for a few months last year. In that time he slept with other people, I didn’t, so there’s been a lot to work through. On top of this his mum passed away and his mental health took a big hit. Suicidal thoughts, attempts, most recently gambling. wanting me to be involved. He would want me to have a threesome with him abs another man. But he’s insecure and doesn’t want to see me be sexual with another person. I have asked him several times to go speak to someone about what he told me about his past. He brushes it off although does seek help for other mental health issues. As I said, he only told me about this a few months ago and no one else knows. So I guess he’s still at the stage of not being able to share details etc as I don’t even know the whole story.
  2. Been together 12 years. Due to past trauma (long story) as a teen my partner (m) wants to sleep with another man. Says he is not bi. Wants me to be involved but not right now due to feeling insecure as our relationship has been Rocky lately. I don’t know what to do. I don’t think I want this. But then I feel bad as I know where this stems from is a place of hurt and trauma. Part of me also knows that I could just say no, but then how could I ever be intimate with him knowing I’m not all he wants/needs physically? I also feel like a relationship (or the one I signed up for anyway) should be monogamist both emotionally and physically. Any advice please? My head feels like it’s about to explode. He dropped this on me last night with no warning.
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