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  1. My gf is the opposite she tends to not be able to go to the toilet. Do you eat things knowing they will not agree with you?
  2. Honestly I don’t resent anyone as I said, if some one is happy having there holiday or weekend ruined then that’s up to them. I know it can’t be helped at times which is why I don’t resent her and I am happy in my self. I am the one always being a comforter, being a listener, having to deal with anxiety attacks and panic attacks when yes what I would like is just to go out and not worry about any of these things. Not all couples even argue and I mean ever! But ibs will cause arguments for arguments sake! I would have done nothing wrong but there is a issue I have to resolve and make her see clearly
  3. I don’t resent it, when some one is going through a bought of ibs they become angry, annoyed, negative and it’s up to me whether I want to keep dealing with that, I don’t resent anyone or anything it is what it is, depends how I want to live my life to find another partner that aligns to me
  4. Wiseman we have a lot in common but ibs is ibs and once that takes over the person completely changes
  5. She’s seen a doctor and dietician, but is in the process of getting more tests done which is good. BUT I just don’t know if it will get better, it’s down to the mind set and being positive about trying different things not being negative or taking it out on other people, or if we’re away in holiday and this same thing happends, we’re both stuck may as well not have gone anywhere!
  6. It’s the opposite to her, not being able to go to the toilet or constipation which leads to worse side effects
  7. I don’t think he’s a total recluse that’s a bit extreme, the guy just doesn’t text which is wierd
  8. Got to be real here, just your first sentence is enough to say your bf is not bf material. I cba to read your whole story, some one cheats and is not trustworthy don’t bother end of. got to move on and find some one who respects you and has eyes only for you!
  9. Hi, my gf of 2 years has IBS and it’s getting worse. Has anyone had experience dating some one with IBS? Does it get any better. We have a good connection but at times we don’t. She’s only had one very long term relationship before me which sounded a bit strange, she has old habits that don’t sit well with me along with having no social circle. A lot of this is down to her IBS and makes the relationship hard, I want to travel, have weekends away and generally just go out and have fun but I’m not sure she will be able to do the things I really want to do. She’s trying to get help for it but it doesn’t get better and I don’t think she can help her self, I’m feeling a bit stuck.
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