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  1. No rent payments but I really dont have a money issue, no savings but have access to money.
  2. Thank you this is exactly how I feel. Stuck and somehow can’t let go. I hope I have the courage to do this change sooner than later. Especially since I’m interested in finding someone special in my life. I never felt ready or comfortable but all of a sudden I think it’s the right time. I don’t like to plan to much it’s not my natural way but now I think it’s important otherwise it won’t happen.
  3. Yes, I could handle that but the break is not going to be easy. I’m trying to come up with a plan for the near future. So we are all happy and not so glued together. Maybe if someone has a similar situation they can share their solutions with me.
  4. Hi, i feel stuck, my relatives seem to need a lot of attention not just my parents but all of them. They seems so needy and always fighting. I’m in my own world, creatively and spiritually, I’m would like to meet someone too but it just seems so impossible. Everything is so mixed up and tied together that it feels like it won’t happen and can’t be undone.
  5. I see your point, the only positive thing I have going is I learn new skills easily, quickly and I know handful of computer programs already. As for the living arrangement, we live together but we all have jobs, I just haven’t saved any of it.
  6. Hi, That’s what I plan on doing, take classes so I can explain my idea to others in the same business. Some college, my concentration has been art and it’s been great but I feel the need for something more. The class payment isn’t really a problem. Parents would help but that’s not what I’m concerned about it’s more about getting going and making the change into a more independent life. Living at home just happened, no particulate reason.
  7. Hi everyone, I need help with my current situation in life. I need to change my personal life. I love my family very much but I’m feeling held back and it’s stifling. I would like to start learning web development to work on a new platform idea. My problem is I live at home and I’m already 51 years old. I don’t have savings but will find a way to pay for the classes. I don’t even know where to begin explaining. I have many questions but most importantly is do you think it’s too late to start over at my age? I don’t feel confident but I will start over somehow. Please ask me questions and give me your ideas. I would greatly appreciate any of your views. Thank you, Starflowers
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