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  1. What's left for her than to deny. I'm sorry that was the case and I wish you luck and healing as you move on!
  2. Red flags meaning that my friends saw how this was affecting me and didn't think it was worth hurting me further. I worry about his mental health or whatnot over what he does when he's alone. And I agree that porn could be a great tool. I'm not sure how much he watches really because were literally together all the time except for work and him being in shower. Its worth mentioning that I'm a super flexible person too but I hate how I'm in a position of dominance regarding this when all I want is him to step up.
  3. I'm aware of how bad this all sounds and I just want to reassure we share a very strong emotional bond. He truly cares about me. If this was just a friendship it would be a life long one. Its hurting me that I can no longer see a future with him. I wanted to have kids and grow old with him.
  4. When we met his sex drive was great. Even on days I had to get ready for work and he had to leave, he would be sure to let me know he loved and needed me. Then everything started to taper. My mental health at the time was not good at all and my emotions were a mess. This lack of affection certainly didn't help. I felt so alone and found myself becoming more clingy which only pushed him away more. I tried to work through it even though my friends told me of the red flags they saw, but I'm not the kind of person to throw a good thing away. Outside we have a ton in common and even do many outdoor
  5. I actually teared up reading this because its very relatable. My relationship is at the same sort of spot except I'm in the place of your girlfriend. What your doing I'm my humble opinion is correct and I can only hope my boyfriend will do the same if I commit to moving out. Your clearly a genuine person and deserve closure. Keep yourself focused on yourself and hopefully time will give you an certain answer. If not, will heal you.
  6. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years as of January and I moved in with him as of December. Our emotional bond is very strong however our sex life has been horrible making me very distant from him. I've been out with family more, and even with friends I otherwise wouldn't give so much time to. I find it hard to be home or around him at all lately because it just feels like a job. He's very lazy so I find it's easier to clean and fix things on my own. Despite all the laziness, at the end of the day I just want to feel loved and appreciated but am left feeling like a bitter husk of the person
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