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  1. Meet years back when she was dating a friend of mine I gave her 300 bucks cause he done screwed her outta hers and she need school stuff for kids that's how we affiualy meet I knew her before that tho she's older than me by like 7 or 8 years...the arguments could be about anything and everything i could try to reply and she thinks it's a argument before this happened we both decide no feelings but she had thoughts of it before it happens I never myself never had thoughts and also she'll speak to everybody else so nicely but me it's *** all the time
  2. It's only her that argues like I said I can't say one word most of the time me I try the sweet thing an everything try to be nice you think she caught feelings?
  3. Ok so me and a girl which is my best friend of more than 5 years finally decided to have sex and we wasn't suppose to catch feelings ....everything was fine at first but then she got to where she thinks everything's a argument she ignores my text and calls most of the time gets mad if I get up and go outside and she wakes up alone or I can't do anything long story short I thought we wasn't suppose to have feelings so I don't I don't understand it and we can't talk because everything's a argument and shes right about everything I need some advice quick plz what do I need to do
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