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  1. Turns out you nailed it on the head. Thank you. It may not make a lot of sense to me, but if it means so much to her then I guess I'll try to do better.
  2. Thank you. I guess she just gets upset that I get excited to show her something, so I tell her that and yet I show it off to everyone else, as well. She doesn't feel like she's special when I talk to her about what I love anymore because I'm also telling everyone else, too. I kind of get it, but at the same time it seems so trivial to me. But I want this relationship to work, so I'll do what it takes to be more conscientious about it, even if I think it's silly.
  3. We used to be SO good at communication, so it kills me that the past couple months we've been losing that. It was always a strong point for us. I want so badly to make this work, and I have resources available to us for free that we can utilize to get counseling, but she isn't happy with them for one reason or another. She would rather pay money we don't have to get counseling, so IDK what to do, here. It's tearing me apart to see us fall apart like this. She's been my best friend since we met.
  4. After finally talking with her and getting her side, you are correct. And yeah, I think it's a silly thing to get upset about, but if that's how she feels then I guess I need to change how I do things. It's annoying, it's silly, but it's important to her, so I'm going to make a conscientious decision to make it better. Thanks. I'm not normally the type you described in that last paragraph, btw. I was just frustrated and in the heat of the moment I went off.
  5. Like I said, we are in two different time zones right now. I would have called her to show it off to her, but it was 4 am her time when I got to the gym, so... context clues, maybe?
  6. That's a pretty shady thing for him to do. If he was looking at the menu and swiping then he probably swiped right on some of them; then what would have happened? Would he just talk to her but say he's in a relationship? People don't get on Tinder to make friends or just swipe. Not saying that he did do anything while you were gone other than swipe, but honestly the fact that he got it at all is not okay. Follow your gut. Listen to that voice in the back of your head. If he is doing stuff like that when you guys fight and you're away, then he likely had intentions of doing more. Just my t
  7. My wife and I are 6 years apart; she is 23 and I am 29, Gen Z and Millennial, respectively. She is very into Snapchat, and has running chat streaks with people and gets bummed out when they are broken, stuff like that. I believe it was back when we were dating (married for 14 months now), she got upset with me because I sent her something on Snapchat, but I also posted it to my story for all my friends to see. She said she didn't want that because it didn't feel like it was supposed to be anything special for her, so if everyone else saw it on my story, too, then why would I send it to her? I
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