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  1. What's the reason for breaking up? Because I was in a similar situation 4 months ago, and you need to be absolutely sure, because you might not get her back ever again. If you still have feelings for her, then I'm quite sure you will regret it at some point
  2. Don't worry, I told the girls I was seeing about everything, and that I wasn't over her at all, so it was really casual relationships without any real commitment. I've just been working on myself on areas where I've felt I've been lacking. Intellectually, financially, stopped smoking, worked on a couple of issues and so on. Yes, it might be beyond repair, which now that I think about it, is the reason why I would rather wait at least 2-3 more months before getting back with her if the chance ever occurs, because at that point it's been so long since we broke up, that it would almost be like starting completely over. Yes, I completely agree. Sadly, our country was really hard hit of corona during the last months of our relationship, so we stopped doing anything romantic with each other the last 3 months, and routines killed our relationship IMO. We sadly didn't try and do much to fix this problem, as it wasn't something I could see at that moment, but after some time away to gain perspective on things, I've come to that realization.
  3. I started seeing a therapist immediately after breaking up with her. I've experienced being single again for some time now (partly from November till December, but fully from December till now.) Thing is, I'd rather be in a relationship, but only with her 😕 As I said, I have been seeing others, but in fact, it's only made me miss her more, lol
  4. Hello, As you can see from the title, I broke up with my girlfriend in November the 12th after being together for 1,5 years. Our relationship was healthy, filled with great memories and we never really fought or had relationship issues at all. In October till the end of the breakup, I was depressed and felt this urge to get out of the relationship "for some reason". It really wasn't anything about her, because she was a wonderful partner throughout the relationship. I think I just wanted to try being single again and have that freedom back. Anyhow, I started doubting my decision literally immediately after I broke up with her, so I kept contact with her. Thinking back, I really can't pinpoint exactly why I broke up with her, and I still regret it a lot. I told her in the beginning of December that I regretted my decision fully, and that I really wanted to work on everything and get back together. She told me that I had to work hard and prove to her how much I wanted the relationship and her. So I did for an entire month, and it was extremely difficult and stressful as she was chatting with a new guy on the side EVERY DAY (we'll get to that). So suddenly there was a new person in the picture, and I obviously didn't feel great about that. She ended up sleeping with him the 24th December, but after agreed to try and work things out with me the 26th December. We weren't fully back together at that time, but it was very obvious that she wasn't that attracted to me anymore. It was really devastating, and it seemed like she was only able to see the bad things about me and our relationship, which was even more hurtful. She completely ended things with me the 30th December (the last time I saw her). She cried a lot, told me she didn't wanna lose me etc., and that she just didn't wanna be in a relationship with anyone currently and that she had to work on herself. Furthermore she even told me that she hoped of us getting back together in the future, and that she thought it was better to maybe try again after some months of being apart. She started seeing the guy she had been chatting with immediately after I was out of the picture, and to this day they still are. To be honest, it didn't surprise me at all. She doesn't see her friends apart from when partying, and throughout our relationship, she was really dependent on me and my emotional support, so I expected her to fill the void with him. I think it's quite disrespectful of her to lie to me like that, but things are different when we actually weren't together. She didn't break up with me, I did. She's messaged me two times in the beginning of January, but we haven't had any contact for over 2 months otherwise at all. She still has stories of me on her instagram, likes my posts, views my stories and follows me on Spotify. I myself have been working on myself quite a lot and improved on many areas, and I've been casually dating a few girls here and there, but they really don't interest me a lot. She knows one of the girls, and I hung out with that girl in the beginning of post-breakup. She knows everything about me and that girl, so I don't know if she thinks I've moved on completely. I'm afraid that my ex is thinking that I loathe her, and therefore the reason why I haven't reached out at all. I'm really considering messaging her. The only thing that's really holding me back, is the fact that she's seeing that guy. All her friends thinks it's weird she's seeing someone that fast after me, and from what I've heard, he's a cocaine addict, has no plan for his life, and is basically a complete opposite of me. Anyhow, what are your thoughts about contacting her again? Should I wait until their relationship "eventually" falls apart or should I try and win her back now? If she was the one to breakup with me, I would stay in no contact for ever, but remember, I broke up with her to begin with, and she told me that it was important to her to feel, that I still wanted us months on in the future (she said that in mid December, not when she ended things). Edit: It's important to note that she told me that I really had proven her how much I wanted to get back together, and how much she meant to me. Furthermore, all her friends said the same thing, and even said that she should take me back.
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