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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful input @bluecastle We both are not content with the lack of sex. With our schedules, most of the time sleep took place instead of sex. We’ve been together for a year and seven months. Our relationship normally felt like we were connected as one person. It’s as if we fit perfect together like puzzle pieces. From the beginning of our relationship we spent a lot of time together to where spend the majority of the time at her place. We moved in together in a house after a year. These past few months, I have gotten comfortable and lazy. Our dynamic used
  2. I desperately want to save our relationship, but my girlfriend is on the verge of giving up. We’ve had a great, strong relationship and moved in together about 6 months ago. However, these last few months we’ve lost the spark and it seems like the dynamic of our relationship is more like roommates. We rarely have sex, we don’t have much quality time together, and on top of that, she has a full plate of other things to worry about going in her life. She’s finishing up school but still does not know what to do in life. She has lost a majority of her friends over the past couple years.
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