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  1. She doesn’t laugh when I’m in pain, she doesn’t like blue balling me, she just likes being a tease
  2. I don’t think for one second she doesn’t like the relationship, I think she sees no harm in what she’s doing
  3. She’s 18 so a fair amount younger than me
  4. Yeah she gets very stressed and can’t settle when there’s things that need to be done, I think that’s in general and with sex, a lot of the time she just enjoys being a tease, I don’t think she sees it as bad, she thinks she’s just being a tease and that I love it, she often gets in the mood but doesn’t always act on it if she knows there’s things to do, I think she does enjoy feeling wanted, she’s an attractive girl and she knows this but when she asks why I’m so in the mood she gets annoyed when I say it’s because of any reason other than her, she’s has been frustrated before if I can’t fini
  5. So basically my gf loves to be a tease, at the start of our relationship we used to have sex maybe once and sometimes twice a day which was amazing. She used to tease a lot but we would have sex to relive it so it was fine. Nowadays it’s a little less than that which I guess I’m going to have to live with because I have a high sex drive. The problem is that she teases me a lot, I don’t mean just suggestive comments or just the biting of the ear, I mean she will start wanking me off and getting me really worked up until I go crazy. I could be halfway towards finishing and she will still stop. S
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