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  1. She doesn’t laugh when I’m in pain, she doesn’t like blue balling me, she just likes being a tease
  2. I don’t think for one second she doesn’t like the relationship, I think she sees no harm in what she’s doing
  3. She’s 18 so a fair amount younger than me
  4. Yeah she gets very stressed and can’t settle when there’s things that need to be done, I think that’s in general and with sex, a lot of the time she just enjoys being a tease, I don’t think she sees it as bad, she thinks she’s just being a tease and that I love it, she often gets in the mood but doesn’t always act on it if she knows there’s things to do, I think she does enjoy feeling wanted, she’s an attractive girl and she knows this but when she asks why I’m so in the mood she gets annoyed when I say it’s because of any reason other than her, she’s has been frustrated before if I can’t finish and instantly blames herself, she has spoke of bullying issues in the past and her behaviours towards others and at times to me have suggested low self esteem may be the case. She has had dreams before of me cheating so she may be anxious/worried.
  5. So basically my gf loves to be a tease, at the start of our relationship we used to have sex maybe once and sometimes twice a day which was amazing. She used to tease a lot but we would have sex to relive it so it was fine. Nowadays it’s a little less than that which I guess I’m going to have to live with because I have a high sex drive. The problem is that she teases me a lot, I don’t mean just suggestive comments or just the biting of the ear, I mean she will start wanking me off and getting me really worked up until I go crazy. I could be halfway towards finishing and she will still stop. She knows she does this, the problem is this leaves me hanging and feeling very sexually frustrated. She won’t let me tease her, she just says I’m “bad” or I’m “disgusting” and pushes me away. She admitted that she has to be in the mood in the first place but then said she won’t let me tease her back because she doesn’t want to be left wanting to have sex. I know she struggles to have sex if there are things playing on her mind and things she needs to do. There’s been times before where we have been halfway through sex and she has just stopped and blue balled me because she thinks it is funny. I have spoke to her about this teasing and she just replied saying “Fine I will get another boyfriend who can handle it” turns out she didn’t mean that. she also knows I have very sensitive balls and that it aches me a lot when I am left like that, she said not long ago she was getting pissed off with me always complaining about my balls and that it was making her want sex with me even less. She has also said that she doesn’t like the idea of me wanking, I don’t really know what to do, I’ve never had this problem before. She promised before that she wouldn’t tease like this but since she has, she makes wind up comments saying “I’m going to tease you all day” or “your not getting laid tonight if your going to be moody”. Problem is, I’m only moody because I’m blue balled in the first place. She already admitted to using sex to manipulate me but I just need to find a solution to this.
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