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  1. Thanks! I totally agree, I learned my lesson and I'm looking for more suitable matches for me. I believe I dodged a bullet because he was the type to leave at the first sign of trouble. It's just that with COVID I keep thinking about reaching out to have a causal/fwb type of thing going on for us. We had amazing chemistry and he lives 5 min away from me. So I'm just tempted to see if he would be open to that.
  2. And I forgot this detail: He followed me with a fake instagram account on Valentine's Day and like the photos I hadn't shown him. I'm 99.9% sure it was him. He is not on any social media. But when we were together we would joke about having him make a fake account to just follow me. And that's what messed up my mind thinking he might be sad about the breakup too.
  3. It wasn't unilateral. So I told him it'd like to give his gift on his birthday and he said sure. So that day I went to his place with the gift and the cake so he could blow the candle and he was exhilarated. Two days later he surprised me by coming to my place and dropping off my gift but immediately left (I saw him in the car). Then he told me on the phone that I should get ready for a real celebration for the weekend. I assumed he remembered that I would like to blow the candles with him too. And I did bring it up when I was it place and he clearly remembered that we were supposed to get the
  4. Yeah it was strange to me when he first mentioned it. He told me he was overweight most his life and only had 2 one night-stands. He seemed to be very shy and socially isolated. But it could very well be the case that he had many short lasting relationships.
  5. It would've helped me to get some closure as to why he did it so abruptly after our first fight. But I agree, he probably won't be able to give me that closure and he had his say. Thank you so much! this was helpful.
  6. Thanks, I agree. He probably wasn't as invested and I just failed to see it. I'm sure his account was deactivated when we were together and he wasn't talking to anyone. He is 31 and had never been in a relationship before. I just miss the good times. And yes, I believe I shouldn't have been so upset over a cake and communicated better with him. The last day we spend together he was talking about the future and and how he didn't want me to leave ever. I was completely blindsided by his text which said "I think we may not be a great fit. I want to return your stuff".
  7. I'm trying to heal from a break up for which I did not get any closure. I wondering if I did anything wrong. Sorry for the long post, but your input is very much appreciated. I was in a relationship with a guy for about 6 months. Things were going really well and we had instant chemistry. We only had one argument which were able to talk about and resolve. Our birthdays were 2 days apart and we planned to get a cake to have a joint celebration the two of us. But I couldn't wait for the weekend and I got him a thoughtful gift and surprised him with a tiny cake. He was extremely happy
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