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  1. I feel like you should talk to your friends about this and give them advice as well about getting back together 😊
  2. Btw, she even got me a birthday present and did a video chat with me on my birthday (offered to) 3 months in, which I saw as a sign that she liked me.
  3. But my biggest question out of all of this is why agree to take the massive risk of meeting unmasked and even talking to her family about it, and then ending it the moment we met. I assumed since she agreed to take that risk, she liked me enough and attracted and felt enough chemistry to do that. She was genuinely worried about covid. It was all very sad. I thought maybe she was always never fully there and wanted to feel more, but then why only spend 2 hours before ending it after taking that risk? Or I thought maybe she just immediately changed her mind about me as soon as she came over. idk
  4. This is going to be a long post so here goes. BTW, this was my longest time I dated someone. I've never been in a real relationship, even though at the time I considered this one. We met on Tinder during the first wave. She was really worried about covid so we did a few online dates at first and then in person masked outdoors. It was fun. I thought we had a connection. I kept the online dates creative and we still could do stuff outdoors during the summer. That was when we would hang out the most and longest at a single time, maybe 3 hours. During winter, we would try
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