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  1. Said he’s been in tunnel mode trying to meet a deadline with work.
  2. Yes. He is alive. He just texted me actually.
  3. He doesn’t do anything. He just complains and gets moody. Normally, it’s silly, sweet and loving. It’s just been the last couple of months. I’ll see snippets of his silly and playful side, but he’s usually overwhelmed.
  4. His job works him really hard and is his main stressor. I just listen to him vent and try to support him by offering to do little things for him to make his life easier. Bring him coffee (he’s a Starbucks addict), lunch, cook dinner...little things. He’s also really stressed and frustrated with the pandemic. I don’t like isolating separately, but I try to be patient with it. Because of my job, I’m around a lot of different people, so I try to understand him wanting to be safe.
  5. Yeah, we had a long conversation about a week ago about how I felt. He knows it hurts that he showed no compassion when I lost my grandmother. I guess he doesn’t really do anything for me other than complain about how stressed he is.
  6. You’re right, I do make excuses for him. What’s happening right now it’s absolutely not okay.
  7. We’re in Texas. Our governor opened up way too early.
  8. He doesn’t handle stress well at all and I try to be supportive of him and sweet to him. When he needs time to decompress or recharge, I let him have it. But he always comes back within a few hours. The longest has been twelve until this time. As for texting him, I’ve sent a few texts. Asking if he’s okay, asking him not to shut me out. I sent one that just said “I’ll leave you alone, I’m sorry”. It’s been 12 hours since I sent that. I just don’t know what to do or how to handle this. Do I take it as a breakup? I’d like to think that if he didn’t want to be with me (even
  9. My boyfriend of two years has been ghosting me for the past 48 hours. It’s also our anniversary weekend. A little history... Our relationship started out really strong and was great. We just clicked. When COVID hit, we took the self isolation very seriously and didn’t see each other from March 2020-June 2020. We still talked daily and had virtual dates. Starting in June, we picked up with in person dates and stopped isolating. Right after Christmas, the county we live in went back into lockdown and we haven’t seen each other since Christmas Day. I know he’s
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