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  1. Social services reported her and a investigation began. Its closed now because they did not find anything suspicious. We have every week with our child and we have shared custody. No child support. She left me one time before the "real breakup" but came to me after 2-3 weeks telling me she was pregnant. Im not 100% Sure the kid is mine. Dnt know What to do about that. Ive signed a paper it was mine when he was born but due to my ex behavior with multiple guys,fwb and "serious" relationships after the breakup tells me that she is not trustwhorty.
  2. My ex was reported by social services for very poor boundyries with the kid AND she was reported by preeschool due to not having our kid there so much on her weeks with the kid.
  3. She left with our kid. The kid was only 2 months old. We started after like 2 weeks to hang out. Sleepovers,dinners,presents,breakfasts and so on. She did not want sex with me but we did all other things… This we did for 1,5 years!! I got hopes. She even gave me a key to her flat(?). We had and have every week with the kid. On my week i usually surprised my ex with the kid,my ex was happy about that. She invited me to stay over and i did. She had planned wine and stuff and we saw a movie togheter before bed. She wanted me to stay over. Time passed and we did this a lot but she
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