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  1. Thank you for your opinion as I have thought about this before. At times I feel as though I need to heal him because I hurt him. I also feel like I’ve played the mother role In his life (I find I resonate with her a lot) by being there whenever he needs me. I feel like a best friend but when we become intimate I feel like it’s more. I hope this makes sense
  2. Thank you so much for your honesty. I think the reason I went back initially was part of my childhood trauma work. I’m only 22 so it took a lot of time (almost 2 years) and I was also abused as a child which meant even more therapy. When I went back I felt like I wanted him to forgive me so I could further heal. I hope that makes sense? He often talks about how we are exclusive and he only sees me and speaks to me. I believe him as he seems so infatuated with me otherwise. This is why it feels like I can’t let it go... do I cut him off for good?
  3. Around 6 years ago, my ex and I were in a committed relationship. We were young 15-17 and we were in a fairytale. It started off amazing but after the first year he was very controlling. He would control what I wore, where I went and everything else. I cheated on him and I regretted it so much. I broke my own heart. He broke up with me but didn’t address the cheating. I went about my life without him and had another relationship and heartbreak, healed my childhood trauma and my life changed completely. 2 years ago, his friend wanted to take me on a date. I went, with a friendly int
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