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  1. Phantom transgression? As for the edibles and booze, the booze is already out of my life, and edibles are a terrible idea since my tolerance skyrocketed, and I don't want to be spending money to feel happy for a couple hours anymore. Video games are pretty much the only safe thing I have.
  2. So I've been wanting to tell my partner a few things. She knows I suffer my depression and other mental illnesses, but she's unaware that I turned to edibles (like weed brownies) and alcohol as a form of escape whenever I felt unhappy. And I also don't know how she'll react, but I was flirting with someone else at the start of our relationship. There were no secret intentions or anything, but the fact still stands and I know it's wrong. I'm just scared I'll end up alone.
  3. My LDR partner and I have been dating for almost 4 months now. Honestly, the first half was really sweet. Everything seemed perfect. But she started uni back up again and started working. It became very challenging to spend time together, but we still find a way once or twice a week. But the underlying problem became clear. It was emotionally draining her, and I felt unhappy not being able to hangout much. We aren't happy when we spend time together. She has stated that she can't give me as much as I give her, because she has school and work. It's stressful for her. We still love eachother and
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