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  1. Yeah... That's what I was worried. I don't want this to hurt my relationship, so I will draw the necessary boundaries. Thank you so much again 😊
  2. They know about the bad friend part, but not about the "I have that rush" and the story behind it all, because this happened three to four years before we started going out (we begin dating this past June). If i would talk about that with my friend, I would feel compelled to be open about it all also with my partner, but I know it can be hurtful, that's why I was asking advice about it. Yeah, I think doing it silently is the wiser and right choice, but I didn't know if that would be a bit like ghosting her as a friend, so that's why i wanted an outsiders perspective. I would prefer to cu
  3. Sorry but... I'm not unhappy? Feeling a rush for someone who you had previously feelings for, and who makes you feel bad about how they treat you isn't exactly healthy. I'm happy with my partner, although we are in a long distance relationship and corona is not helping with that. What I'm worried about is being in a bad friendship, but when I am talking, having time or just being along my actual partner I'm happy. I didn't say anything about my actual partner, why do you say I'm feeling bad about how they view themselves? I'm supporting of how my partner want to express themselves, as I w
  4. My ex was, and my actual partner is nb. This crush is cis female. I put it because I saw in some of the forum's post people clarifying it, and I didn't know if it was something important to add. Sorry if it is something unnecessary or a bad choice on my part. I didn't want the post to be rude, and english isn't also my first language ^^U
  5. Hi! I'm a 27 cis male. I know is not the best start, but I would need advice about something. I have a friend which I had a crush on. She is a girl that really doesn't live near me, and I don't really pursue a relationship with her. I started to like her when I was with my ex partner. I didn't do anything about these feelings, for respect to my partner and for her, because both of them were friends, and we both were in toxic relationships (My ex was a narcissist and I was kind of in an abusive cycle with them... But I still loved them at the moment) The relationship I have with this
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