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  1. Yeah I think this is accurate... I basically only see the people I live with nowadays. Tim to find some new ppl/look into a new place
  2. Y'all are really dragging me out here thank you! This is the advice I needed to hear.
  3. Thank you for this response. You're right that I shouldn't presume to know her feelings; I know she is not oblivious. Unfortunately I cannot move out at the moment. Distancing myself is the only realistic solution I can think of at the moment
  4. Hi everyone, I currently live with a few people in a small house. Two of the people that I live, Lisa and Jamie, with have been in a steady, committed relationship for a few years. I moved in with this couple and a few other friends over quarantine. Over the past few months I have developed a very close connection with one of the people in the relationship (Lisa), while the other I have known and been very close with for years (Jamie). Recently these feelings have turned into romantic ones... I am starting to realize that I am falling in love with Lisa, who is deeply committed to my
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