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  1. The context is that this past weekend on a work trip we did kinda sorta have drinks after work together at our hotel. It was more of a friendly thing but we also went swimming...so yeah I didnt think asking her out for drinks was too out of left field
  2. It did briefly cross my mind that drinks might be a wrong choice but there is some context as to why I went with it
  3. A little off. Haven't known her that long but odd that she wouldnt respond at all.
  4. Kind of a specific time. Asked of she was also not working tomorrow (which is now today) and if she wanted to go grab drinks. She hasn't answered at all.
  5. I asked a coworker out for drinks yesterday. She hasnt responded to my text. We've been off the past couple of days, now I'm worried things are gonna be awkward when we return to work tomorrow. ***. Bad move?
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