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  1. If I'm being honest, yes, I am kind of afraid to talk to her about it. I'm not afraid of rejection but rather scared of how it will impact our friendship. We are already have a special bond and I'm scared that if I talk about my feelings, we won't be as close anymore. She has told me she has rejected many boys before and that honestly steers me away from advancing forward with her. Although I do think our friendship is definitely more physical than most. We can touch each other intimately and it be comfortable. But the question is whether that's because she's totally in love with me plato
  2. Before I start I just want it to be known that I am still a closeted bisexual and she has an ongoing relationship with her boyfriend of 4 years. Ok so, I recently met this girl a year ago and we quickly formed a huge emotional connection as we instantly felt comfortable around each other and became really close within a short amount of time. Within the first few times of us seeing each other (through mutual friends) we had cuddled, kissed (on the lips) but that was all when we were both intoxicated, bare in mind we barely knew each other at this stage. I invited her into my girl fri
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