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  1. I cant imagine how i will be able to live the rest of the life i am stuck here without my dad, he really was the best part of my life.
  2. My dad passed away on August 30th from heart failure, he was 75 years old. I have not been able to pull myself together since that day. I have tried and sometimes seem to be dealing with it alright but honestly I just feel depressed all the time and cant even get very happy about anything that happens that is good in any way, I feel totally alone and lost now and its hard because I have kids and they need me but lately my 10 year old daughter is in a stage where she is pulling away where we have always been super close, their dad has been little comfort to me since our relationship is to sa
  3. Is it too much to want to be with someone who you have fun with, can laugh with and enjoy life? I love my guy, believe me I do but we basically live at the same address while living separate lives all together. I don't want to feel like I am single yet attached at the same time. I mean honestly we sleep in different rooms, and in a day i see him no more then maybe 45 minutes unless I make the effort to go to him which 9 out of 10 times leads to him wanting sex and that to me sucks when he doesnt spend any time with me aside from that. in 15 years he has gotten me maybe 2 gifts 3 max two we
  4. I agree with you about this subject and have had similar issues with my guy. I personally feel like its another way of cheating or at least shows he wants something or someone else, at the very least shows he doesn't need me or care how i feel
  5. So my story is very long and I think if I only tell part of it I won't be getting people's best opinions about my concerns. Honestly I could have put this in several different categories because I have questions about things that include my relationship and the entire family as well. I will start from the beginning and hope it doesn't get so drawn out that no one completely reads it. I met my first real boyfriend when I was 16 and he was 18. I was a good student, listened to my parents and never got into any trouble. He was the typical bad boy type. It didn't take long f
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