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  1. Smackie9 and Lambert, Thank you!! I dont know why but just seeing the opinions of others that align with what i thought i was feeling is such a relief! Thank you all! I do deserve to be with someone who is on the same page as me.
  2. Bluecastle and Rose, Thank you!! I just needed someone outside to help put things bluntly and help me see them unclouded. Thank you.
  3. Okay some background first. Never been dating before. 26 years old, felt pathetic. Met a guy last year who seemed amazing. But, we never went on dates. It was always me going to his place at night after 8pm and leaving after. It's been a year and nothing has changed. Every time i try to put my foot down he says so many nice things like Im an amazing woman who is getting stronger, he enjoys spending time with me and so on and so forth. Every time though nothing changes. More of the same. Booty calls. He says he is not using me or playing me, but im just so darn inexperienced i have no idea on h
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