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  1. Yeah I'll ask if she wants to meet up again sometime if she cant get the day off.. i will tell her i plan on taking her to somewhere and show her where.. then leave it to her to let me know when shes free and then not pursue it.
  2. Of course I did, she likes the exact same things as I do.. we have a lot in common. Like I said i have no clue why things have gone a bit distant to what they usually were. It could be the age thing as shes a year and a half older or it could be the distance as shes 50 min away.. its a weird one. I will see what happens i guess and if we do facetime tonight. All I can say right now is that the chat and vibe aint the same to what it usually is.
  3. Well I planned on getting food with her, hanging out....
  4. Thank you for your advice, I have not mentioned anything to her about acting different... we are supposed to facetime tonight, if we do at some point I will ask if she managed to get the day off. If she says no (which i suspect she will since she hasnt mentioned anything about meeting) then I will say sure, thats fine... you do know i can always come to you for the day then go home. If she dismisses that idea i will then leave her to it and not mention meeting up again.
  5. I get that, im just basing on things thats happened to me before when youre in a routine and then it weirdly goes off... and something just doesnt feel right. It usually goes one way.. we arranged to facetime tomorrow.. im thinking of just asking at some time in the call if she managed to get next monday off, if she says no i can always say i can easily come and see you again if you want.. if she says no or that she will let me know i will say ok thats fine and i then know shes not interested and just give her space and mirror her actions...
  6. I understand that.. but its like today shes been different to what she is usally like and when she said she had an easy day you know it seemed weird... i get what youre saying though... and i suppose me waiting for her to tell me if she can get that day off is making me overthink.
  7. Yeah im not going to message first tomorrow.
  8. Oh I know, i dont smother... im just saying the chat/frequency feels offish today to what it usually is with us. Mixed with being left on read to which I not usually am and her not giving me an answer if shes staying on sunday.. it adds to the weirdness. It makes me think that maybe shes confused or whatever.. but she seems to have agreed to facetime me tomorrow evening so wel see..
  9. Its changed in the way that the communication feels different and offish to what it usually is... normally she would message me more frequently... never leave me on read on whatsapp. Whereas now she has, tomorrow i will leave her to message me first.. i asked her today if we could facetime tomorrow instead of wednesday as i will be busy with work on wednesday and she said oh well youre in luck as i was supposed to chat to my friend but shes cancelled on me.. i replied and then she left me on read.. i dont know it could all be me but i just get this weird feeling.. see what happens.. like i
  10. Yeah she knows I want to know this as we talked about it yesterday when we were with each other, I dont want to act needy so I think I'm just going to leave it and not even mention it.
  11. We havent got a label as such.. I remember her telling me one guy wanted her to be his gf after like 2 weeks and that totally put her off. So were just seeing how it goes, she did tell me she isnt talking to any other people and im not either, she doesnt want to put too much pressure on something and just see how it goes. I just find it odd how it feels different, i messaged her earlier to say good afternoon and she replied saying hey hows your day going! so its like small talk crap lol im not going to ask her to come over again as she knows my intention of that i want her to. But she
  12. oh and to add one of her texts yesterday was to say thank you for me coming over as she really did enjoy our time together... its just odd as its not like her to not message or be distant... but who knows,
  13. So im after some advice.. I've been talking to this girl since early January, everyday texting, we video call sometimes and its been so easy and the attraction and flirting was there. We met up for the first time last week, it went great, connection and had a kiss. I stayed with her on the weekend and again it was great, we had a lot in common, fun, sexual chemistry was there.. even had sex which was great. The next morning again we were flirty, was easy and enjoyed our time together and she said she would ask her boss for time off the next weekend to see me. She is 30, 31 in April and im
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