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  1. Thank you for responding. I do currently get therapy for severe depression. I never felt ready nor wanted to talk to anyone about the topic because I personally thought over time I would get over it. It was about 4 years ago I was 18 years old and now I do not drink at all because I personally do not like to at all. It was just a time period where I was a teenager and wanted to have some fun like most teenagers in high school. Telling my story about this online here really just helps me get answers before coming out about to family and my therapist which is really helping. I do see myself reco
  2. So a few years ago I was with a group of girls that were my friends and we wanted to have a night of fun meaning we would drink and just hangout. I had a boyfriend at the time and was extremely loyal towards. My friends and I had parents who were extremely strict which I forgot to say we were in high school at the time so we had no where to go. I remembered this one kid I knew from sports and I texted him to see if we could come over which he said sure. We didn’t want to share our alcohol with him and his friends so we decided to park in the parking lot in front of his house and drink a lot. I
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