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  1. Thanks for the advice but he just suggests me to wear sexy dresses because he thinks it would look good on me. Sorry I used the wrong word if that changes anything
  2. I'm sorry this happened, there is for really some crappie people in this world. Is strange how you always think things only to others people. I'm glad you found the truth out.
  3. I've been friends with this guy for nearly 7 years. We meet at school in 5th grade, used to be very easily influenced by people and hang out with the bad girls. I has mean to him until I start hanging out him when he said he was going to move to England. when he moved I don't know happened but we keep talking by email for like and then we started video call and sending messages very often, until today. (3 years after he moved to England I moved there too, we live 3 hours apart) With this pandemic, look down this we would video call nearly everyday. And this was when started ove
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