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  1. I forgot to mention this but we used protection of course
  2. Thank you, also we made sure to use protection and I watched him call the hotel right in front of me. While also having my friend be around in the area in case of anything.
  3. Sooo I met this guy off an app and we talked for maybe a month or two. We talked pretty often and he really made me smile, we always planned on meeting up some day. Then when a day off work was available we took the opportunity to meet up and soon after meeting up we spent 2 hours in a hotel room and hooked up. After the hook up we cuddled and overall had a great time. But after getting home we started to speak less and less to each other. To the point that I asked if I did something wrong. He said I didn't and that he was just really busy lately. I figured I was over-reacting and apologized f
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