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  1. Thanks to all that have reply...I do want to tell the other guy so he doesn't suffer what I'm suffering....he thinks she is an innocent good girl and still a virgin!!! Should I not inform him now before he falls for her as I have? I do want to move on but I love her a lot and I do fear that I will never forgive myself if I tell her we are done without first trying everything I can ..I promise myself that if by the end of the year thinks are the same as now that will be the end...at least I tried...what you people think?
  2. Thanks for the reply...the fact is we already talked about it....I asked her to make a choice and she stayed with me but still keeps contact with him via txt and calls...my hope is that if I tell the guy and he leaves her she will stay with me and loved me like before....am I wrong?
  3. We have been living together for 2 years now and I found out checking her phone....I know I should be angry with her but I love her and I don't want to loose her...so should I tell the other guy?
  4. What would you do....My girlfriend is cheating on me with a guy who thinks she is single and vergin....I found out his name and I have a way to tell him the true about the situation anonymously so she won't be angry at me, but I don't know if I want to do it as I still love her very much and I don't want to see her hurt...i think the guy deserve to know what my girlfriend is really like and maybe deep down I hope that she will come back to me.....so what would you do?
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