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  1. Hey, I hope you are ok. This is a situation that I have been in myself in the past and it sucks. It feels like someone has stabbed you in the heart and all that hope about what could come just decimates. I started talking to a guy and I noticed that things were turning a bit rubbish, we were arguing like we have been married for years and I finally said to him that I didn’t like the disagreements and called it off. Lockdown is hard for everyone, but I personally feel as though he is mucking you around. In the first couple of months, people are on their best behaviour in relation
  2. Oh gosh if I wasn’t in this situation, I wouldn’t believe it either!! It gets stranger by the day. The thing is, he’s a really great guy in the way he treats me (this aside) so I try and shrug off his sisters actions but recently it’s getting to the point where things are just so incredibly crazy. Writing this has made me sit back and actually process all of the things that have happened with her. There’s lots more that I haven’t mentioned. Like, I’m not allowed to pet the dogs or cat.
  3. Father isn’t in the picture. Mother seems to defend what his sister says and does and takes her side when my boyfriend is upset etc.
  4. Not sure if my reply you you posted just now. He says that she treats him badly too so I’m not alone, like she will kick off over little things that he says etc. He just says that there’s nothing he can do and that she just hates everyone and I’m no different. He says he can see where she is coming from in the sense that we shouldn’t be meeting whilst she is going through a breakup.
  5. She has also said on occasions that she would like to hit me etc, and this was my boyfriend that told me this. I went over to the house once, and as I was walking up the stairs, I heard her saying to her mum that she said that she would like to “f—-ing punch me”, my boyfriend was already upstairs and I told him the other day that I wasn’t sure but I thought she had said this and he dismissed it and said “it sound like something she would say” and then laughed.
  6. Hi everyone. I need some advice. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now, and since we got together his sister in my opinion has been crazy. I understand that this could well just be me, but I guess I want some opinions on this situation from an outsider, and if anyone has experienced this before, some advice! It actually started on our first date, we got to the end of it and his sister was picking him up and he said to me “if I were you, I wouldn’t wait around whilst my sister picks me up, she doesn’t really like you.... well she probably will as long as you.... in h
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