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  1. @Wiseman2 I know deep down I don't have to discuss my dating life to my mother, She does want me to have a boyfriend that's decent but she doesn't want me to wallow in self pity over it. Me and my parents have a close bond, so I'm always with them, but the good thing is I made a new friend last year so whenever we all get vaccinated, I can pretend I'm meeting her when I'm meeting a match on the app only when I know him very well. I don't work but I do have interests. I do agree with you that I should wait a bit longer until everyone in my household is vaccinated, that was my initial plan and I
  2. I'm living in the UK and i'm 25 years old. I went off dating apps in September last year because of the pandemic, I feel so abnormal and weird, I never had many experiences with guys, I never had a boyfriend. I never met up with many guys. I've been on dating apps and end up deleting my account on all of em because the apps feel useless to me and I have thoughts they are not the right ones. I wanted a long term relationship with a decent guy, the thing that's stopping me is that we are not in normality yet. I have been tested positive for covid 19 on 8th February and my family also, we alread
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