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  1. I know her finances as we are very open with money, I know most of her friends. I know her family. I know her work hours and have been to her work and vice versa for all the above. She smokes weed but that doesn't bother me as I used to. She's my age, 30. I agree it is yet i still catch her lying. She's always been weirdly secretive with her phone..I know her pass code but she keeps her phone on her 24/7 even takes it to the bathroom This is probably the way she has always been and probably the way she'll always be. I don't think there should be secrets between a couple. She clearl
  2. Thank you. My mind is already made up
  3. I haven't read anything that undeniably proves she's cheated nor would I like to condemn her as such before having all the undisputed facts. What I do have is evidence that points to her cheating being the most likely outcome. I feel she uses this to her advantage in arguments as I can't just pull up something that proves it I wish I knew 100% as I would've just ditched her ass back along. Because there's always been that question mark and her telling me I'm paranoid I've almost believed it if not holding it as a possibility. And everyone is right. I should have acted sooner..
  4. She would tell me she was going over her female friends house and I discovered she actually met up with a guy. I found many flirty messages to at least 3 other guys. Thats as much evidence as I have. I've never found out more. In my nature, I would investigate and she would tell me im paranoid and psychotic when facing her on the stuff I found out. Like I said..we have had a very good clean run with no drama but just very recently I found out she had lied again. This is after the mortgage going through. Now I feel trapped She thinks I'm accusational and over bearing, perhaps
  5. Hi I've never shared anything on a forum before but feel I need advice. Me and my girlfriend have been together 2 years and its mostly been great. We make each other laugh and have fun..our sex life is good and we do a lot for each other. The thing that lets down our relationship is i have caught her lying a few times throughout our relationship. She's lied to me about where she has gone and whos she's been with. I noticed her stories wouldn't add up and could almost sense i was being lied to..I did a terrible thing once and went on her phone without her permission only t
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